Trio Crostini As A Starter


Finger food, Appetizer, Amuse Bush And Horse Deuvre Are all descriping the same thing. A food that can be eaten with a couple of bites.


Finger food is most used for buffets at the table or as a walk around where you take what you want. But can it be used as a starter for a menu?

Today I am going to take three crostini recipes to be used and served as a starter for your guests as a part of a menu.

The three recipes we are going to use are as following:

Crostini – Buffalo Mozzarella And Chilli

Crostini – Brie, And Prosciutto

Crostini – Basil Pesto Sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan.

These three variants of Crostini are both incredible tasteful but also have the “wow effect” when served for your guests.


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