10 Finger Food Ideas Easy Recipes Great For Parties

In this article, I will show you my 10 best and easiest finger food ideas that are great if hosting a party. The finger food ideas that I am going to show you here are all linked to the recipe with instructions.

What is common with all the finger food ideas is that there will not be too many ingredients. I like my finger food to taste awesome and look great too.

One thing that goes for all of the finger food ideas is that you have to use good quality ingredients. If you want something to taste good you also need good quality ingredients it is that simple.

Ok, let’s move on to the finger food ideas that you can take and use for the next party you are hosting.

Finger Food Idea Number 1

The first finger food idea for you is Caprese Salad Skewers With Balsamic Glace. Caprese salad skewers are a “No cooking” finger food recipe that look’s great. This finger food recipe can easily be prepared before your guests arrive witch makes it perfect when hosting a party.

Finger Food Idea Number 2

Next finger food idea is Bresaola Rocket And Ricotta Rolls. This is a 5 ingredients finger food recipe that’s fast to make it taste delicious and have the “wow effect” when you serve these finger food for your guests.

Finger Food Idea Number 3

Next finger food idea is yet another “no cooking” recipe. It has only 4 ingredients and can be made before your guest’s arrival. Cantaloupe Prosciutto Mozzarella tastes great and if you make them like me I will guarantee that your guests will compliment you on this finger food idea.

Finger Food Idea Number 4

The next Finger food idea is the Classic Bruschetta with Tomatoes, Basil and Garlic. This finger food idea is yet another “no cooking” recipe if you don’t count that you have to heat the bread. One thing to note about this finger food recipe is that you should not assemble them. Serve them as a DIY. If you choose to assemble them they should be served immediately as the bread will soften.

Finger Food Idea Number 5

The next finger food idea is another “no cooking” recipe. Ricotta and Prosciutto Crackers are delicious and easy 5 ingredients finger food idea that can either be assembled by you and served immediately or you serve them the same way as the Bruschetta you serve them as DIY finger food.

Finger Food Idea Number 6

Next up is Honey Drizzled Apple Gouda Bacon. If you don’t count the bacon in this recipe this is also another “no cooking” recipe. It’s super delicious and can be prepared before your guest’s arrival. For this recipe, you have 5 ingredients and you pretty much just have to assemble and you are ready for your guests to eat.

Finger Food Idea Number 7

I am a big fan of Crostini and the next three-finger food ideas will be crostini variations. The first one is Easy Crostini With Basil Pesto. This is a super simple finger food recipe. It is incredible what you can do with just 4 ingredients but this finger food recipe taste super good and I guarantee your guests will like them as well. This finger food recipe can be served assembled and served or as DIY finger food.

Finger Food Idea Number 8

This next recipe went absolutely crazy on Pinterest so I take you will like it as well. Crostini – French Brie Prosciutto and Balsamic Glaze is a “No cooking” finger food recipe now I really don’t consider warming up bread as cooking. Get a good quality Brie and a good quality Prosciutto for this recipe. Good quality is key for this finger food recipe so don’t skip this part.

Finger Food Idea Number 9

Next up is Crostini – Buffalo Mozzarella And Chilli. In this finger food recipe, I use Buffalo mozzarella but if you are so lucky and you can get Burrata mozzarella I would use that (I was too lazy to drive 90 minutes to get Burrata). Again I would consider this recipe as a “no cooking” recipe as all you have to do is to heat up the crostini witch I do not consider cooking.

Finger Food Idea Number 10

Last but not least we have a 3 ingredients finger food recipe. The Crostini with gorgonzola Appetizer is the last in line but that does not make it less delicious. Again a “no cooking” recipe that can be made as a DIY or assembled by you and served shortly after. As you may have noticed on most of the pictures I like to use balsamic glaze to garnish my plates. It tastes great and makes the plate look even better.

This was my top ten finger food ideas for you to take and use at your next party. If you want even more finger food ideas you should go to my site a www.FingerFoody.com where we add new finger food ideas weekly.

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